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01 Desember 2007

I Proud Become an Indonesian

If we want to talk about indonesia, we have to learn and understand many thing, because Indonesia has complex and paradox condition. There are many of advantages, but there are many problem too.

Indonesia has highly diverse in ethnical, and there are 300 local language. This is one of the heritage of Indonesia, the highly diverse in Ethnical also make a rich of culture and absolutely traditional dancing, food, clothes, and in every ethnic has the different attitude personality or character. Indonesia consist of over 17.500 islands its awesome isn’t? Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic country, this is the resource that can be opitimized to improve our development program if we can manage carefully. Indonesia has population over 230 million, this is the world’s fourth most populous country. With this human resource and also natural resource, indonesia should become a strong country. The indonesian citizen are very creative and innovative, in fact, they can use everything to make an income. This is the amazing from indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic, with natural resources like a mineral, oil, gas, and also the maritim power. Bali was the one popular place from Indonesia that foreign tourist like to come because of the beautiful seashore and sun set. Moreover with the heritage of ancient people there, Bali become one of an interesting place. Not only the ancient people from bali who gave something a miss like heritage of culture, but everyplaces in Indonesia have the different history and heritage.

According to the reference i’ve got, Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness that support the biodiversity in the world. Rain forest in Indonesia cover 60% areas of the country, this is amazing resource, the forests have much more flora and fauna, and most of them are extinct animal that world should kept. Like Anoa, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Cenderawasih, orangutan, etc. The indonesian food, although i’m an indonesian, i haven’t taste all of them. This case show you that indoensia have the great assets in culinary, with this assets we have to proud to become a part of Indonesia. Only in Java, we can find many variety of food with other taste and recipe and the javanese cook it with traditional equipment but because of that the indonesian food become great. This is one example of our assets.

I proud become an Indonesian, because we has richly resource and culture. But if we see in the other side of Indonesian condition may be we cant understand why with that great assets Indonesia become disorder with many cricis happened. I said Indonesia has a paradox condition because there are many people of Indonesia has a good wealthy, and even we get the increment of rich people of the world record in third position after Singapore and India. But if we compare with both, India and singapore was difine as country that can improve their economic policy in a good way. The rich people difine as the people that has over 9 billion Rupiah, and in Indonesia there are 20.000 citizen of it. This is very paradox, we can see what happened in small village that just get income every month in Rp 300.000 or less. I have been survey in small village of central java, there are a man that live with cows beside his bed room, this is an evidence that the economic power of Indonesia has not been ordered wisely yet. Development of economic policy can not applied, so what happen with our country. The democratic system has boomed public opinion into every social and politic cases, everyone want to change Indonesai to be a better country, they attend the general election, but when they become a leader of this country, their idealisme has broke. Morality and leadership, both are important point to make a good governance. Morality that applied in goverment employer has been cultured from Suharto regime was a corrupt and opportunist. Since the end of suharto regime we get the freedom to talk, freedom to express anything we want, this is good chance to change indonesia, but we can not handle our moral and attitude and than the result is a confrontation. In many part of Indonesia has become a conflict area, such as Poso, Kalimantan, Aceh, Papua, Timor leste and many more. We lost our sepadan and ligitan, Timor leste has become an independent country. We get many monetery crisis that we can not solve untill now. Rupiahs rate dropped and down. And now, the latest news about indonesia was, conflict with malaysia, they claimed many of indonesian heritage as an original malaysian haritage like angklung, rendang, rasa sayange song, etc. Why?is it our false or thier false, i dont think so..this i not just about true or false, but about appreciation. We just aware, we has many thing to keep, richly heritage of culture, many natural resource but we just want to pay attention in to life style and hedonic life. We can benefitted our self resources. Indonesia is rich country but doesnt has good leader.


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